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ADA Psychological center

We have been working for your well-being since 1998
Adalgiza Andrade Agudela

Adalgiza Andrade Agudela

Licenciada en Psicología

Degree in psychology

(Universidad del Valle, Colombia)

Master in Forensic Psychology

(IEPD, Spain)

Master in Third Generation Therapies

(VIU, Spain)

Master in General Health Psychology

(VIU, Spain)

PhD in Clinical and Health Psychology – Psychooncology

(University of Seville, Spain)

Rooie Shaw

Rooie Shaw

Psicólogo Psicopedagogo

Degree in Psychology

(The Open University, United Kingdom)

Montessori Specialist

(London Montessori Center, London, United Kingdom)

Master of Arts in Childhood and Youth 

(The Open University, United Kingdom)

Master in Psychopedagogy

(San Jorge University, Spain)

Our philosophy

We are a working group that has united its experience and talents for the service of the community. Health is based on the balance of mind and body. Our work is based on responsibility and professionalism. We conform to scientific criteria and use state-of-the-art methods, to respond to personal, unique and individual needs. We believe in the recovery of health, and in the quality of life that can be preserved until the end of it.

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  • Results with success 100%
  • Finished processes 100%
  • Diagnostics 100%